Got a budding young artist who loves using their hands, sticking things together and making wonderful creations? At SL ART we offer fun, creative sessions for children, using a variety of mixed media and art forms. They are structured and tutored, but designed to stretch kids imagination and allow them to express themselves freely. We encourage them to get stuck in, and make a bit of mess, without the worry of getting into trouble. We even find some mums and dads can’t resist joining in the fun too!

SL ART offers fun, energetic workshops for kids, as well as brilliantly arty birthday parties. We like to run sessions at events and we even work with adults, offering morale-boosting, team-building for companies.

Kid get the chance to make, create, and decorate their own art with projects like – Pipe cleaner felted pets, Paint it like Picasso and Jammin’ with glass jar painting. It’s a great chance for kids to meet new friends and make new creations that they get to take home with a big grin on their face.