How long are the sessions?

If held at an event, group workshop, Arty party and schools; SL ART sessions run for an hour’s workshop. Set up and set down are not inclusive of the workshop though a little bit of tidying up is always a bonus.  However, the teambuilding days are either half day (3-4 hours) or Full day (6-7 hours) allowing for breaks and an hour for lunch.

What is included with the workshops or teambuilding days?

Workshops and teambuilding both include all art materials. With kid’s parties, workshops, school extra-curricular sessions SL ART provides art overalls and all art materials. All artwork gets taken home once created. There is no need to bring anything but request that casual, comfortable clothes are worn without the worry of them getting messy.

What happens if paint gets on clothes?

In most instances of a workshop paints will come off clothes without too much trouble. There is a reason for wearing casual, old clothing and not the best outfit. Needless to say, at parties lovely frocks and waistcoats are worn so hence the overalls. SL ART ensures that all attendees wear an overall whilst creating. On teambuilding days this is not a necessity. SL ART therefore has the policy of requesting attendees to wear casual old clothes.

Does SL ART charge travel expenses?

Yes, travel expenses will be added onto the final contract with a party, group workshop, schools and teambuilding and they will be separate from the final costs.

At a kids workshop will I need to stay at the session?

Most of SL ART workshops for kids are for an age range of 6-12+ and therefore an adult does not need to be present. However, SL ART has the right to request kids under 6 that a parent or guardian remains with them throughout the session. Many parents prefer this and indulge in some art for the hour!

If at a public event can I leave my child under your expertise and supervision?

SL ART holds full public liability cover and all are DBS checked so your children are in safe hands. However, SL ART does not hold responsibility for children who walk away from a workshop at a public event. It is the parent/guardians responsibility to decide on their child’s safety. SL ART does need the children to remain at the workshop and not walk off as we cannot wander from the workshop ourselves to look for the lil’ un’s.   We supervise within the workshop space, room or tent.

What happens when I book online?

Booking and paying online makes it easier for you to reserve a place on a workshop and then just turn up. Payment can be made using all major debit and credit cards or via PayPal. On receipt of payment you will also get email confirmation and receipt of payment via PayPal. Hey presto…your child will have a place booked on the desired workshop! Easy peasy!

What if I want to cancel a booking for any reason?

With booking online as much as it is easy to make.. sadly we cannot refund for any cancellations once payment has been made and a reservation has been confirmed. If for any unforeseeable reasons please make contact via the Contact Us page and SL ART will try and respond to your enquiry as best as we can.

Making an enquiry via the Contact Us page?

For whatever enquiry whether a school workshop, kid’s arty party, teambuilding days or the general curiosities of creations that can be made and things we do, SL ART endeavours to get back to your request as soon as possible with more than all that glitters.

How do I make a complaint about SL ART?

Hopefully this is the not the case with SL ART and we will be receiving wonderful adulations and testimonials to fill our testimonials page. However, if this sadly arises then there is a disclaimer on the website.

Any other vibrant and colourful questions?

SL ART welcomes answering any other questions to the best of our abilities. SL ART always tries to encourage that “out of the box” thinking and lightbulb moments so please fire away! We also welcome feedback and suggestions to make sure we have everything covered …not just in paint and stars!  Hope to “Unleash your Creativity” with you soon!